She didn’t even know we were competing…

I’m sore….the kinda sore that makes we want to lay in bed all day. AHHHHHH, my neck, my thighs,…didn’t KNOW I had muscles in that part of my stomach. I can’t imagine my kids asking me to even move this morning. Damn, my pride….

Might be hanging like this all day.....

Might be hanging like this all day…..

It all started when I decided two weeks ago to change my lifestyle. I want to be a positive example for my kids of healthy eating and an active lifestyle. (and it doesn’t hurt my motivation that the hubby and I are hitting Puerto Rico in April by ourselves) So, Mondays are always easy to fit in the Y since I’m there taking the kiddos to homeschool gym. I can drop the two littles off to the day care, and I’ve got a whole 1 1/2 to work out. Let’s be honest…somedays I only need 30 minutes…I top off at 45 minutes…=)

How was I to know that the 16 yr old “Olympian” was going to park herself next to me on the elliptical? I seriously didn’t know that elipticals could go that fast…and how could I not speed up to not look TOTALLY STUPID next to her. Yeah….as I tried to act like I could go that fast…I really feared falling off…or worse, knocking the magazine I was reading clear across the room and then mangling myself in the bars. As I’m speeding along, I’m thinking ahead to today…and the pain I will feel. Did it make a difference? Nope….thank God she only decided to “warm up” and lasted about 15 minutes….

Wishing I could say that what was running through my mind was : Corinthians 4:13

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

But alas, it was more like the “eye of the tiger”…….Can someone please point me to the nearest hot tub? and I’ll have a jack and coke. Heavy on the jack…..

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