The Power of Commercials…..funny kid stories

ImageCommercials….I’m not a fan of having my kids watch commercials. I love to “pause” during them or “fast forward” if it’s a recorded show. However, I know they see them and sometimes I am surprised by how affected they are by them……

My conversation with Mini- Me this morning: (I was in the laundry room throwing in a load of clothes)

Mini me: “Mom, what are you doing? HEY!!!! We have Oxi Clean???!!!

Me: (clearly shocked..she’s 3! What does she know about ANY detergent…let alone the Oxi-Clean that I just bought)….”Um…yeah??!! What do you know about Oxi-Clean?

Mini: (very excited) “That it’s the greatest soap EVER!!!!!”

Me: (clearly still puzzled) “what do you use it for?”

Mini: ” Washing clothes…..”

Me: “Who told you that it was awesome?”

Mini: “Um….I don’t know…but it is!!!”

And that my friends is why we “paused” and “fast forwarded” through the commercials during the Super Bowl.  Can you imagine what she might tell me about “Go Daddy. com”????? Yikes………

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