Easter books……

My friend Mary over at Sometimes Mary Always Mary always has such great posts about the books that adorn her home for the different holidays.  You should go check out her posts on books for Lent and Spring. 

She is also just an amazing lady with a keen sense of home decor and style. You should check out her blog when you have some time. (My check is in the mail…right, Mar??!!!)

Since I was making my “list of things to do this weekend” ,which included Easter outfits and basket “stuffers” for the kiddos, I decided today was a great day to have the great people at Amazon.com deliver me some books to use for some of our lessons next week. Here are the three that I chose.

I’m a little biased about this book since I have always LOVED this folktale. I will not ruin it for you by telling you what it’s about. Come on….buy it….you’re going to love it.

I’m excited to add these three to my growing collection of books!

Any suggestions for next year??????

3 thoughts on “Easter books……

  1. Carolyn Salamida

    I just bought Little Colt’s Palm Sunday. We borrowed The Light of the World by Katherine Paterson and Easter Eggs for Anya A ukranian celebration of new life in Christ by Virginia Kroll from the library.


  2. Susan

    I’m always looking for great Easter books, and we don’t have “The Easter Egg.” Thanks for sharing this! We wish you and your family a blessed Holy Week and a very beautiful Easter!! 🙂



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