100 day celebration!

So…I’ve been sitting on this post for a while and figured it was time to send it through to be published since we did it in FEBRUARY!!!! lol (the life of a SAHM)

We’ve been in school 100 days!!! (We actually were in school for about 104 days when we did this activity. Our family was struggling through the Stomach flu and it just didn’t seem like jumping up and down would be the best activity…you know?!)


Feel free to comb through these pictures of all the various stations I set up in our home to complete our 10 stations of 10 repetitions of each exercise. The kids LOVED it. It helped us beat some of the winter blues.

IMG_4964 IMG_4971














The kids definitely slept good this night!

The second project involved candy!!!! Everything works great with candy. So I picked out 100 random colored M&Ms, and then divided them into 4 groups of 25 each since I had 4 children working on the project. I had each child separate their candy, by color and then graph their own bar graphs from the 25 pieces of candy I gave them. We then combined all 4 graphs to make a Master graph using the 100 candies.  It was a great exercise in graphing and team work.

With all the candy leftover, we HAD to make ice cream sundaes. =)

How did you spend your 100 day of school?????

4 thoughts on “100 day celebration!

  1. chrissy

    I want to be more “fun” in school, but as we have discussed, I am such a slave to curriculum and “checking” those boxes. I would love to incorporate these fun days…Question: How long did your activities last? It looks really fun…did it last the whole day? or did you do other “schooling” as well?



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