Sometimes love knows best……..


I love my husband….truly my best friend. Talk about someone who really loves me….truly knows what I need. These beautiful flowers came after a long, exhausting week. The little note was  a brief “peek” into next week……. asking “would you be my date for Puerto Rico?”

Sipping some wine with the hubby in Cancun in 2010

Sipping some wine with the hubby in Cancun in 2010

This was our trip to the Riviera Maya in Cancun in 2010. It was our most recent trip paid for by one of Dan’s companies. It was fabulous!!! Totally not a trip we would ever splurge on ourselves so it was so great to be spoiled. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Mini Me, who was almost a year old at this time, was diagnosed at one week old with two displaced hips. We had had three separate surgeries, three body casts, and physical therapy before the age of one. It was exhausting and yet rewarding. So, we were nervous to leave her in a body cast while in someone else’s care, but….we really needed the break. It was very rejuvenating for both of us.

The hubs works in software sales, and just had a stellar year. We are being rewarded with an all-expense paid trip to Puerto Rico. Four days and three nights of hot sun, cool drinks, and plenty of romance….just what these parents of five need. Additionally, since I didn’t start this blog until a few months ago, many of you are not aware that my husband came down with encephalitis and a viral meningitis in the fall of 2011…one month before the birth of Miss Missy. It has been quite a journey seeing him struggle to complete daily tasks because of the brain trauma and then to exceed his quota for the year….is so characteristic of his unwavering work ethic. He truly deserves to hang up his “hat” and phone for a few days of relaxation. =)

In my mind, I want to be there NOW. However, I’ve got so much to do before Thursday morning……shopping and packing for the trip; getting meals planned; kids off to their activities with friends/family; grocery shopping for my parents who will be with the children; bills paid and household work completed. Tomorrow I will have a day to myself. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??!!! Wait for it…..I’m going shopping for myself!!! No errands…..just focusing on me. To really know me,  is to know that I NEVER shop for myself. However, tomorrow I am doing just that. The hubby is sending me off to get myself a few outfits for our trip. I mean….who doesn’t want a confident wife??!!!

I kinda figured tonight would be about me “pulling the heavy”….putting the kids to bed by myself, while my hubby went out for the night. I mean…why not? He will be with the kiddos tomorrow. However, that’s not what my best friend had in mind……..

This was my night…….totally perfect…..a large glass of vino and checking out Woman’s fashion on Pinterest……focusing on the planning for my day tomorrow…….

Friday evening

The hubs decided to take the three older children and do a huge grocery shop for me. They were eager to have some time with dad and I LOVED having my pantry and fridge stocked!!!My night was so peaceful….putting Miss Missy to bed early. Cuddling with Mini Me, while watching a little Team Umizoomi and then tucking her into a comfy bed……

The beautiful flowers, in the beginning of the blog, just sealed the deal on a great day. My husband knows that I still love to be courted….that I still need him to fall in love with me daily. He knows that to be a strong woman, that I need to be more than the mother to his children, but that I need to be appreciated as his help mate. What a wonderful way to get me excited for our trip!!!

Sometimes loving someone is not about showering them with gifts…..or long handwritten letters. Sometimes…its about putting your desires aside for love of another. Sometimes it’s about feeling like you are loved and appreciated just for what you do everyday.


8 thoughts on “Sometimes love knows best……..

  1. kristin @teamboda

    I can’t believe I am just now discovering your gem of a blog! This post is so sweet :). and the others really make me want to homeschool. Good job momma, your kids seems so sweet, and you are an amazing mom! you have a new reader :). Lots of love to you all!!


  2. Christen Barrie

    love it – go danny! i was on the way out the door to the dry cleaners and jimmy just took the checkbook and said, let me do that for you. 20 min errand = better than diamonds! thanks for helping form your bro in the wonderful man that he is so that I can get spoiled too 🙂 xo


    1. tammim1010 Post author

      Don’t you love when they seem to know just what you need????….=)My bro is an incredible man and I can’t take any credit for that. He knew that he would be a fool to not marry and honor you!!! And in my book….you spoil too!!!


  3. solesearchingmamma

    Woo-Hoo!!! I’m totally pumped for you two!! Seriously, you guys are amazing. Dan’s grit and determination is incredible. Your devotion to him, the kids and to the Lord is inspirational! We hope you have a fabulous trip – pics and details when you get back, please!! 🙂


    1. tammim1010 Post author

      Susan…that means so much. My heart really does wish that we could plan a trip out to see you this summer. I do feel like the Lord has blessed our friendship from afar. I’m obsessed with photos so….no problem delivering there…haha.



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