Funny lines from the week…..

destroying her siblings room....

destroying her siblings room….

I love all the funny lines that I get to hear being home all day with the kids….I thought some of them would be fun to share….

  • “Mom, I wish Barbie was a real person. Her and I would be best friends. “- the Fashionista
  • “Mom, WHY ARE YOU GIVING ME THOSE MEAN LOOKS????”- Mini Me, (at the top of her lungs during church)
  • “Mom, sometimes I wish I was a kid when you were a kid” ….(Sweet Pea)….”Are you kidding me? Didn’t you hear the stories about rushing downstairs on Saturday mornings to grab your cartoon first? Not me. They didn’t have DVRs…..or multiple bathrooms…(DirtyDogD)
  • “MOM!!!!!! my sister cracked my brother’s neck off”……(Mini me) Me: WHAT??!!! (Sweet Pea) “She means…I cracked DJ’s knuckle….
  • “Listen….I’m the boss of you. That’s what happens when you become a big sister.” – the Fashionista
  • “Dad, mom’s on the toilet…but you can go in….we all do…”- Mini me

Wishing you a fun week !!!!!

Love, Tammi =)

4 thoughts on “Funny lines from the week…..

  1. Dan McCarthy

    God helps us with little ones:-) they do make every minute more :
    Worth living!!!!!
    I am so blessed for this life! From My amazing wife (which all of you get a little wonderful slice of) but I get all of 😉 to my beautiful children whom I love so much and who touch not only my life but everyone they encounter. Thanks Lord for my many blessings!



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