New Year’s Eve Traditions!

Here’s what our New Year’s Eve looks like:New year's eve!

  • the kids started this last year: sleeping bags around the living room.
  • No big dinner: just appetizers….picking all night…new stuff out every hour: chicken wings, potato skins, shrimp cocktail, fresh veggies and dip; brownies, apple slices and caramel dip.
  • new years 2plenty of adult beverages to keep mommy happy: mostly prosecco and fruity beverages like these strawberry daiquiris from last year.
  • Dick Clark’s rocking eve…will be replaced by Just Dance for Kids for Kinect and some musical bands on TV before the ball drops.
  • there will be plenty of board games played like Connect 4,  Life for the ipad, electronic battleship, etc.
  • we will check out the New Year’s bashes from all our family and friends on FB.
  • We will watch the ball drop and run outside banging pots and pans. We will wear crazy hats and blow party horns thanks to a quick run to Walmart!
  • We will toast the New Year with sparkling cider, mimosas or kiddie cocktails.
  • We will call and facetime with family and friends and wish them a Happy New Year….
  • and we will welcome in the New Year in prayer. The hubs will lead us in a personal prayer to issue the new year into our home properly.

May you greet this year with new zeal and excitement for all the joy that awaits you. May the Lord give us enough worries to keep us dependent on him; enough happiness to spread to others; and enough love to fill our hearts. May we embrace our vocation to spread God’s message of love to all those whom we encounter.

Happy New year from our family to yours!!!!

IMG_0725God Bless,


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