A “Get Well” Gift idea!

owin's present

I love to come up with cute and creative gift ideas. This week I had the opportunity to share this fun with my kids and allow their imaginations to take over.

My neighbor’s son recently broke his tibia. The children were so sad that this broken leg would have him “out of commission” in their backyard games this spring. So we thought that we would bring him a little “pick me up”.

I grabbed a few candy bars from the grocery store and told the children to come up with a couple of funny “catch phrases” that he would enjoy. They did awesome!

Here they are:

Swedish Fish:  We know you didn’t go fishing for any sympathy, hope you get better!

Extra Gum: Wouldn’t you love it if you had an extra leg?!

Rolo: We hope you can rolo your way out of your cast.

Take5: Take a break…. it must take 5 guys to take you down.

Snickers: We’re glad your dad didn’t snicker, when you got hurt.

Almond Joy: You will have joy when you get your cast off.

Twix: Don’t do any crazy Twix to get yourself hurt again.

Payday: Don’t worry, you will reach your payday when your cast comes off.

Push pop: Don’t push your recovery…it will come soon.

I couldn’t be any prouder!

I let them deliver it themselves and they were so thrilled when he answered the door and they got to see the look on his face.

I love that my kids are learning how to live charitably.

Hopefully, these have inspired you too!

God Bless,


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