Holy Week: Holy Monday through Good Friday

Thought you might enjoy this post from last year! Happy Holy week!

Chasing time and Drinking wine

Easter 2012

HOLY WEEK!!!!! MY favorite week of the year……….This was our little crew last year on Easter Sunday. (My son was obsessed with Fedoras and I was soooo happy to catch photos of my little man in his hat.) My children really enjoy celebrating holidays. It means new outfits, fun activities, and really “entering into” whatever season is upon us. We enjoy tranforming our home, and really trying to transform our family life. It’s integral in our family that our liturgical life really celebrates the “seasons” of our Catholic faith.

So the planner in me, is giving you a quick rundown on how our week looks and what we’ve done so far:

Holy Monday: (Planning Day)

  • double check all the kids’ outfits for Easter Sunday.
  • pick up hats, tights, shoes, etc.; make a list of what everyone needs
  • create a spreadsheet of what has to be done for the…

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