Christmas countdown!

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is in

3 days!!!!!

So what has the past two weeks looked like in our house???!!

Something like this…….

Baking: The kiddos LOVE this part of the holidays.


Plenty of chocolate yumminess on the counters. Our mail carrier, trash men, and our neighbors benefit from all these goodies.  Last year, we discovered “Christmas crack”…..research it on Pinterest.  It’s so addictive…..

chocolate chips, peanuts, peanut butter chips, almond bark…..2 hours on low in a slow cooker….DONE!


And decorating cupcakes gets better when you are doing it with family and friends! I love how my SIL shares her love for baking with my kids!!



Who doesn’t love hanging beautiful lights, and huge bows around the house?! And I just ADORE these beautiful stockings from Pottery Barn!!!


Our Christmas tree decorating is not complete without various Christmas favorites, like “The Little Drummer Boy” by Pentatonix, blaring in the background! With a 12 ft tree, decorating is always an adventure.





 Christmas Activities:

On Saturday, the Fashionista, Mini Me and I ditched the rest of the crew to attend a Christmas play at a local playhouse. With their Bitty Babies in tow, we had a blast!



As we continue to plug away on our Jessie tree, Miss Missy is also enjoying all her playtime before the Little People Nativity Set.


Holiday Parties:

Tonight, the hubs and I hit the town for his annual work Christmas party. We love any opportunity to get dressed up, hang out together, drink alcohol and good food!


Lastly, I have been preparing for our Christmas Mass. Sweet Pea and the Fashionista will be singing in the choir this year, and I always enjoy laying out their outfits for planning purposes.



It actually takes me a few weeks to get everyone’s Christmas stuff together…..I do LOVE getting everyone dressed for Christmas Mass. I try to have a general color palette that lets everyone be “individual” without too “matchy matchy”. If you can tell, I can’t decide between the two black and white dresses for Miss Missy which is why I have six outfits and not five.

Look for a family shot after Mass on Christmas Eve!

But through it all, the hardest part has been adjusting our attitudes.  Finding less to frustrate and annoy us; hoping for the peace that only Christ can give and truly “entering” into this Season of Advent.

Asking the Lord to help remind us of the joy of this season……

As we continue to light the Advent Wreath, may we continue to soften our hearts to welcome the Christ Child.

untitled (10)

God Bless,


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