Ash Wednesday!!

Thought this would be a good one to repost about….

Chasing time and Drinking wine


Let’s talk Lent……

A time of penance…..

a time to reflect on your life and where your priorities are…..

As adults….it’s tough.

We are under the scrutiny of our children.

How we observe Lent in our lives….is how important they will see Lent.

Here are a few ways to enter Lent today on Ash Wednesday:

  • Begin your day with receiving ashes. The ashes remind us that “we are from dust. And to dust, we shall return.” It is to remind us that we are nothing without God.
  • Splash purple around your home. Purple is a sign of penance and forgiveness. Change out candles for purple ones. Add a purple tablecloth or placemats. I am hoping to create a lenten canvas sign for our mantle using some canvas, purple paint, and removable letters.
  • Lenten Coloring pages. I will be using a coloring page about Ash Wednesday from this book. It is…

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