Touched by His Light- the project

During this season of alms giving, let’s remember to bless those who may need Christ’s light the most! Join me in this movement to do ” random acts of kindness” in the name of Jesus!

Chasing time and Drinking wine

I am a “thinker”….I always have a billion ideas bouncing around my head. It’s unreal what I could produce given an endless supply of money and time.

But…let’s not share that piece of information with my husband who would just be happy if I finished SOMETHING I started or STARTED something I “envisioned”.

I used to get projects “started” and then never finish them….like the baby blanket that I was still working on 3 years after the birth of my niece. When she had her 5 yr old birthday, I tossed that thing. haha.

However, sometimes I feel very convicted about a project or an idea and I just KNOW that God is calling me to do His Will and bring the project to fruition.

Touched By His Light

is just one of these ideas.

Well…not really an “idea” but.... a movement…..

an opportunity to “rekindle”…

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