Meet Tammi


Hey….welcome! I’m Tammi and I’m so glad you are here. I just love to meet new people and share this beautiful journey of life.

A little about me:

  • I’m that loud girl at family functions that everyone knows, but also the friend you pull aside to share your heart.
  • My relationships are one of the deepest ways that the Lord draws me to His heart.
  • As a wife, I am a passionate romantic and love getting time away with the hubby of almost 18 years. He’s a tough, stubborn Irishmen with a heart of gold.
  • Although tough, I am passionate about homeschooling and the daily interactions as a family that it provides.
  • Most of the time, I just enjoy a night out with family or girlfriends, talking and laughing over a fun cocktail or great glass of wine. Dan and i

I believe that one of the greatest assets we have, as moms, is each other. Moms who we can share our lives, fears, hopes, and victories with. Join me as I blog weekly about the joys, pains, and laughter that fill our home.

Life can be interesting around these parts with a traveling salesman husband, but we always “keep it real”. So grab your glass of wine, and hang out for a while.

Christmas photo

Here’s our crew….(From Left to Right)

Mini-me – fourth child in the clan. Age 9. True heart for others. She loves dance, LOL dolls, and being told she is the spitting image of me as a child. She tells me her goal is to be a saint…I’m convinced it’s possible with this one.

DDD (Dirty Dog D)-second oldest. My only son…13 years old. Hilarious. Prankster. The IT guy of our house for all things technical. Has a natural gift for singing….and loves to be center stage.

Sweet Pea (the oldest)- 14 year old going on 20. She is a social butterfly and everyone’s “go to”. She loves her friends, baking, dancing, and any good quote. She keeps our piano humming through our home for hours a day.

The Fashionista (third in the family)- 10 about to be 11 this summer. She’s our resident beauty consultant. She is crazy good with fashion, hair , and makes her own jewelry. She’s more reserved, but is inspiring in her internal motivation and drive.

Miss Missy (the youngest) -7 years but no one believes it. She is DDD’s partner in crime. She is the glue in this family. She loves everyone deeply and everyone does anything she wants.  She is super funny, bright, and lives life to the fullest.


You can read some of my favorite posts about our family here:

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The Family…




2 thoughts on “Meet Tammi

  1. Christian Hadley

    Ave Maria Tammi! 🙂
    I really enjoyed your episode on Jenna’s podcast A Shower of Rose’s.
    I would like you to come back on the show.
    I find it insightful, educational, and lighted hearted.

    Your brother,



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