Meet Tammi


As a mom, I enjoy throwing a good party; making crafts with the kids; and just spending time making memories.

As a woman, I am a passionate romantic and love getting time away with the hubby.

My Catholic faith and living the liturgical life of the Church is prevalent in all of our celebrations.

I love to “own” the dance floor at weddings and can throw a mean “dance party” in my swagger wagon. =)

Most of the time, I just enjoy a night out with my girlfriends, talking and laughing over a fun cocktail or great glass of wine.

I believe that one of the greatest assets we have, as moms, is each other. Moms who we can share our lives, fears, hopes, and victories with. Join me as I blog weekly about the joys, pains, and laughter that fill our home.

Life can be interesting around these parts with a traveling salesman husband, but we always “keep it real”. So grab your glass of wine, and hang out on my blog.


family pic

Here’s our crew….(From Left to Right)

DDD (Dirty Dog D)- (top left) second oldest; Myself; The Fashionista (top middle) middle child; Miss Missy (the youngest, bottom center);the “hubs”; Sweet Pea (top right- the oldest); Mini me (bottom right-2nd youngest).

You can read some of my favorite posts about our family here:

Brought to my knees by a plate of waffles (the frustrations of mommyhood)

Are you a fighter? Are you a fighter: part two?  (on marriage)

Kid in charge day! (family created holiday)

Seeing motherhood through the eyes of a child….. (family life)

The Family…





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