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Game planning for halloween!

Halloween…such a fun time to celebrate some added fun with the kiddos.

Halloween 2008 or 2009

Halloween 2008 or 2009

Halloween Parade 2014

Halloween Parade 2014

In typical “procrastinator” style, I’m getting my stuff ready tonight for tomorrow. One of these days, I will send blogs out a few days ahead of a holiday but…for now…you can just get some ideas for next year. Haha.

Doc McStuffins and Lambie 2013

Doc McStuffins and Lambie 2013

Tonight’s blog is about “game planning” for halloween…so here’s the plan:

Set up some fun additions to the house:



I set the table tonight for breakfast tomorrow. I love this cute tablecloth and plates that I picked up two years ago on clearance after Halloween. These fun “glasses” are actually salt shakers from the local dollar tree. I removed the tops and have used these often for birthday parties and holiday entertaining.



I would definitely recommend shopping for holiday décor immediately following a holiday. Marshalls, Homegoods, and Target are some of my favorite “go to” stores for their holiday clearance departments.

Breakfast: Jack-o-lantern pancakes and orange juice.

So simple but super loved by all the kiddos. Making these simple pancakes by just making circular pancakes and adding these fun googly eyes and a smile of chocolate morsels.


Construction paper and Q-tips will help us create these awesome skeletons during our school.

Last year, we read a great story about St. Felix, who was hidden from his enemies by a spider that quickly spun a web at the opening of the cave where he was hiding. With this new found knowledge, spiders have now become a big part of our decorating for Halloween. Since DDD likes spiders, he will be doing most of the decorating with these tomorrow around the porch. I simply got him started along the banister.


This booklet will be a great addition to our school work. You can click on the link to get the full booklet about the Christianity behind Halloween.

Lunch: little jack-o-lantern diced peach cups, and mummy hot dogs.


Using these ingredients pictured to make some cute mummys with the use of crescent rolls and hot dogs.

Hot dog mummies

After Miss Missy goes down for a nap, the big kids and I will be working on a Halloween density experiment using just a jar, vegetable oil, alka seltzer water, and food coloring.

We will be making these spooky lava lamps….

And for a Halloween dinner, I have learned over the last few years that it is shear madness around the dinner hour. I am going to throw a pork roast in the crockpot and heat up some broccoli and mashed potatoes that I will make earlier in the day. I can recall several years when my children were too excited for halloween and didn’t eat at all.

As we are having a neighborhood party, these ingredients will help to create these adorable witch hat cookies to bring for all the kiddos.



Our family will be SUPERHEROES for Halloween…so stay tuned for photos!!

Happy Halloween!



Celebrating the life of “the fashionista”!!!

The fashionista is turning 7 today !

How is that possible??!!!

baby kaleighShe was such a little peanut , born weighing only 6 lbs. She earned the nickname “pickle” which we called her til she was about 3 years old. She was the perfect “combo” kid since Sweet Pea looked just like me and DDD looked just like my husband.

 I thought I would honor her by showing some photos of her from the past…..before I was a blogger..haha

kaleigh and shayI mean….how cute is she!

She was as cute as a button but….our first “feisty” kid. Sweet Pea just wanted to kiss on her all day but she would have no part of it. She was tough and pretty tenacious. She would scream if they were driving her crazy but spent most of her playtime jumping around like crazy.

We learned early that she would find a great playmate in Dirty Dog D. He was able to teach her the “ropes” and yet snag a partner for his wild adventures.

tiarasThe fashionista was always found with a tiara on. However, in this picture DDD is showing her how to use the tiara as a superhero vision ray…haha. She would do anything he said.

saint picShe was always a sweet kid….but demanded her space and for things to be done her way.

We learned quickly that she was going to “school us” in raising a diva. She quickly begin to challenge the “hand me downs” that I wanted to dress her in and showed me that she had her own style.

kals 5She could accessorize, and still does, like no one’s business! Her outfits often include several bracelets and earrings that she “finds” in my room. If I hear someone “clunking” down the hall, it is usually her with a pair of my high heels.

If any of the kids need help with outfits, she is the first one that they consult. She is so great about helping everyone and is always a fun playmate.

packingHere she is with Mini me as I was trying to pack for my getaway with the hubs to Cancun. She could not believe she “never saw this hat before”! I had to double check my suitcase when the two of them left. She’s been known to confiscate pieces that she “loves”. haha.

buddiesShe’s a super great friend! The fashionista has very few girlfriends. My husband and I joke around that she was a very small “inner” circle and that’s it. She is super confident, independent, and full of life.

She has always seen herself as a princess. We constantly affirm that she is the daughter of a heavenly king, which she loves!!!

On her fifth birthday, she wanted the ultimate princess party….

Kaleigh's birthday

She invited all her friends to wear their princess dresses, as she was definitely going to be decked out for the party.

And the cake…..had to be amazing as well….

birthday cake 2Thankfully, my little kitchen helpers came in handy. It was a fabulous party!

arielAnd at her 6th birthday party, she decided that she was going to be Ariel. It wasn’t enough to get the mermaid dress and shoes. Of course not….she needed the red wig!!!

And this year, we will be hanging poolside as we focus on her newest thrill….

Elsa from Frozen…..

Happy Birthday Fashionista!

Little one,  You have helped me to learn that independence is good and that sometimes being your mom means just watching you grow into an amazing little girl. You require so little direction as you have always been a confident leader.

july 4You truly are one of a kind and you have my heart!

My prayer is that you will always be expressive and full of the joy of life!

Love, Mommy….

Father’s Day!!!

Father’s Day is such a great time to honor those who work tirelessly for our little families. To show fathers how important their role is in the life of a child.

It’s so important for me that my children honor their dad and show him how much he means to them. His love language is words of affirmation so I knew he would love to read some of the kids’ thoughts on him.

IMG_0432Last year, we decided to have a “superhero” theme for our Father’s Day.

I downloaded a cute Father’s Day superhero banner and the kids gave me examples of why dad was a superhero.

IMG_0426We then wrapped some of his favorite candies in these cute superhero wrappers.

IMG_0434He loved every bit of it!

IMG_0436 IMG_0438Sweet Pea also made him carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting…his favorite!! She couldn’t help but write “Happy Father’s Day” on his plate as well. (How cute is she…adding basil to make green leaves for her flower cupcake….I love her!)

Each year, we try and do something different. Something that is centered around what “Daddy loves”. And this year, will be no different.

The kids had their “group meeting” and decided on the menu/plans for the day….here goes:

  • Decorate Dad’s bedroom door.
  • Surprise him in bed with a cup of coffee and his shakeology.
  • Have him open their presents. (see below)
  • Sunday Mass as a family
  • Donuts after Mass at Dad’s favorite place…Yum Yums!!!
  • Pool time with dad (if the weather is nice)…if not, it’s a day of board games!!!!
  • Mom makes dad’s favorite dinner: pork tenderloin with candied lima beans and mashed potatoes.
  • Sweet Pea is making an apple crisp with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

I am really excited to see him open this present this year!

Shutterfly has made it SUPER easy to create a beautiful memory book!

The kids helped me to complete this book and each child composed what to say on their own page. (click on the link below to see the book)

Click here to view this photo book larger

We grabbed this great steal at as well for his new car. He’s going to love it!

Happy Father’s Day!! May you find a way to show your dad or husband how loved he really is!
God bless!

Being a mom…..

What is being a mom?

I have been thinking a lot about this tonight in light of Mother’s Day and what it means. For every mom, it will be different. I am blessed to be surrounded in my life by some beautiful, selfless moms. They have helped shape the woman that I am today and they continue to “push” me to new heights of loving my children.

Do I feel that I am a wonderful mom?

Yes….but not because I have taken countless surveys or read countless blogs about the “top 10 ways to be a good mom”. Good Lord, you will drive yourself nuts trying to be “everything” that the newest bloggers recommend. I believe that I am a wonderful mom because I strive DAILY to be a good mom. Because I believe that my children will grow up strong, and ready for whatever life hands them when they feel loved and supported from their mom.

mom pic

Do I feel that I “have it all together”???

Absolutely not!!! But….i try!

I wake up everyday trying to be a better mom than the day before…and I go to bed every night evaluating myself as “mom”.

IMG_4280Being a mom is looking at yourself every day…through the eyes of a child. Am I patient? Loving? helpful? As crazy as it might be, how is my child feeling right now? Do I need to spend some time with my child today that I didn’t originally plan to? Have I strived to give them “all of me” in every way?

IMG_4225Being a mom is about being “cool” to an 8 yr old boy who just wants to wrestle…doesn’t want to kiss on you…but admires you and wants his own “time” with you…you just have to figure out what that “means”. You may resort to wacky faces,  practical jokes, and fighting…all to win over the heart of that child.

IMG_3674Being a mom is about providing opportunities for your kids to enjoy their time with you. It’s about looking at an overrun calendar and finding some space for a date night. It’s about finding time to laugh, and giggle, and just enjoy life. It’s about rediscovering who your children are as they evolve.


Being a mom is about digging deep and having the “hard talks” with your older children to help “form” them. It’s about listening to where they are, foreseeing where they are heading, and being their support all the while. It’s about remembering how hard it is to grow up and try to find your way.


Being a mom is about spending your “down time” snuggling with little ones, and allowing “sips” out of your tea. It’s about sharing everything that you have because you are “mom” and all “your stuff” is completely and utterly awesome! It’s about feeling little arms around your neck and cold toes against your skin at night by a little nightly visitor. It’s being exhausted about 3 pm because you have crammed so much into your day.

photo(6)Being mom is about being an example of love. It means loving their Dad in such a way that they learn how to compromise and how to give freely. That your children learn security and self confidence from their home life and the love that they see exhibited by their parents. Being mom means showing your children that they are a priority….second only to their dad!

Being a mom is also about surrounding  yourself with other moms that love you and want to see you be the best mom. It’s about having other women that listen to your gripes; share in your frustrations; and yet tell you to “get over it”…haha.

IMG_0706Happy Mother’s Day!

As you look at your children today, may you feel the loving hand of Christ reassuring you….”well done, my good and faithful servant!”

May we spend today honoring those who have mothered us into being the people who we are today!

God Bless,


Double digits for Sweet Pea!

Can’t believe that our Sweet Pea turned 10 last week!


birthday breakfast! homemade waffles with whipped cream and strawberries!

This kid has such a big and generous heart that you can’t help but want to spoil her and show her how important her life is to all who love her.

IMG_5063What a goof!

This was her the morning of her birthday. As I put her to bed the night before, she chuckled and said…”don’t forget my birthday signs. You know how much I love to see what you are going to put up.”

This beautiful girl is always so excited and thrilled by any plans that are made for her. She’s the perfect gift receiver as she makes everyone feel so great about what they get her. She just truly loves when people think of her.

This was her favorite sign…..

IMG_5064And not surprising as since she was little….she wanted to be Rachael Ray…..

last year’s homemade german chocolate cake she made!!!

and then started making “tablescapes” like Sandra lee…

and then became obsessed with Masterchef!

So…when it came time for a present, her dad booked our little “foodie” dinner at Gordon Ramsey in London in Hells Kitchen, NY.

She had no idea where she was going when we left Tuesday afternoon. She just knew that it involved her getting dressed up and the other children getting a babysitter.

A day trip with mom and dad.…priceless!

That was enough to make her giddy.

her first NY cab experience!

her first NY cab experience!

She was so giddy. When we were in the taxi, she said, “Dad…can I swipe your credit card? this is sooo cool.” It’s funny that you forget all the little things that are “cool” to a 10 yr old. =)

IMG_5007We arrived! Standing outside the restaurant….can you tell how she can’t contain herself. (love this girl!)

IMG_5009IMG_5013She will always be his “angel”. This picture is one of my favorites I have ever taken. It really captures the sheer joy that the hubs brings to Sweet Pea, and how much of his heart, she holds.

IMG_5011Cheers to being 10! She had her first “muddled” fruit spritzer. Talk about feeling like a “big kid”.

Sweet Pea was quite shocked at the lack of menu. She didn’t realize that in “nice places” the menu is usually about a page long…unless you are looking at wine menu. =) However, if you give her any meal that involves a steak…she is in heaven.

And yep….this is where I post the pictures of our delicious food while you make your reservations….hahaha. We decided to just grab a couple of entrees and sides and share everything.

IMG_5019Ta-da! Drum roll please.…..this was totally on my bucket list for life! I needed to try a Beef Wellington from a Gordon Ramsey restaurant…and it was delicious!!!! This was a meal for 2 so Sweet Pea and I shared this!

IMG_5015This was the hubs NY strip steak garnished with some type of caviar. I’m not a fan of caviar, but the cook on that steak was exceptional. I’m not afraid to admit that I ate a portion of that steak in addition to my wellington.

IMG_5018What kid wouldn’t order fries topped with three different kinds of cheeses???!!! and I would be a terrible mom if I didn’t “test” them for her!

IMG_5017Wish I had a great picture for this phenomenal side!!! It was a scallop risotto. Now…seeing as soooo many contestants on Hell’s Kitchen destroyed their risottos…this was another “bucket list” item for me…..check that one off….fabulous!

IMG_5016Roasted brussel sprouts…awesome.

Thankfully, we had plenty “to go” for lunch the next day.

We needed to save room for dessert!

IMG_5024I wish I had a close up picture of that chocolate concoction in front of me, but between Sweet Pea and I …it was gone in NO TIME!

IMG_5028They brought her a birthday message along with some raspberry sorbert. As she is taking a calligraphy class, she was super impressed with the writing!

IMG_5029The hubs ordered this apple upside down cake with a maple pear ice cream. I think I might have caught him licking the plate after it…haha

Then…off to visit Time Square and show Sweet Pea some sites!

IMG_5030Time Square!

IMG_5033Acting like tourists!!!!

Only the “best dad ever” would insist on walking through the 5 floors of the Forever 21 store and getting her a more “comfortable outfit” to walk Time Square in….love that man!

IMG_5034I wish I got a picture of her face when her Dad showed up in Forever 21 with a nautical navy striped shirt and matching leggings that he had picked out for her. Her look…..utter excitement and appreciation.

Dads out there…..there is nothing more attractive than a dad that honors his daughter by showing her how well he knows her. Sweet Pea insisted that she could walk Time Square in these…

IMG_5043So her dad bought them…..but suggested that they get these to walk Time Square…

IMG_5039What a great day to enjoy some quality time with my girl!

One of the many reasons that I blog is so that I have these precious “moments” captured. That Sweet Pea can look back on these moments and just feel loved.

Sweet Pea….we love you.

We are so grateful for your life.

10 years of making us proud to be your parents!!!

God bless,


Pick your poison….and than purge your life of it.

We recommend parents and caregivers eliminate hidden household poisons ...

(First of all, I want to thank the Lord for this onset of the stomach flu today that led to the creating of this blog. Obviously, I was suppose to write it. )


We often think of poison as something that we ingest “accidentally” or that someone else gives us to cause us harm…

However….we can introduce our own poisons in our life….

identifying them…can be life changing…

How do I know? …..

Let’s talk about the ones I am trying to get rid of this Lent……

  1. Ranting- When I told the “crew” that I was giving up ranting over dinner the other night, Sweet Pea asked “what is ranting?” My answer: “you know…when you do something like complain about your Saxon classwork and instead of saying ‘Please…just do your work’, I say something like “Seriously??!! Do we have to do this everyday?? Am I going to hear you complain about that everyday? You have no idea how blessed you are to have a mom that has…….yada yada yada. She got the idea…real fast.  haha. Needless to say, she agreed that this was probably a good thing for me to give up.
  2. Justification– yeah…I said it. I like to call it “bullshitting your way out of reality”. haha. Yeah…I said “bullshitting”…I feel that strongly about it. Listen….I know the truth…whether I practice it in my life or not does not make it less truthful. Its when we “allow” ourselves to do something because we feel it can be justified. It’s ok if I talk bad about this person because I am really trying to find a way to help him/her. It’s ok if I steal a few office supplies from the office for my home because I can’t afford to buy this with my own money. It’s ok if I yell at my kids and verbally abuse them, because they drive me crazy. We all do this in some way and it creates “toxins” in our soul and mind. It prevents us from being the true person the Lord intends us to be. It takes away from the “greatness” within us.
  3. Feeling sorry for ourselves. Yep….step up your game! You only have to turn on the news to feel better about your family, your job, your husband, your kids, your country, etc. Snap out of it!!! (I’m yelling at you!!!!!!….like only someone who cares can) There are plenty of people who are praying to be in your situation….to have a loving husband who cares……to HAVE children……to be able to eat daily……. If you are reading this, and thinking to yourself…”I know all this” and yet you still are feeling sorry for yourself…pray for humility to really see your life with new insight. Ask the Lord for help.

* Now for the next few….I’m going to refer you to a blog post I wrote last year.*

Last year???!!!

I’m sure you are thinking that……(I did)

And I can humbly say that when I read my post from last year I thought….”wow….guess I didn’t realize how difficult those things are for me since here I am working on them again this Lent”. But…..that is true in most areas of my life….I am that hamster on a wheel plugging away but it is with God’s grace that I continue to battle those areas.

You can read about those here.

Wishing you a tough and yet peaceful Lent.

God bless,


Ash Wednesday!!

Let’s talk Lent……

A time of penance…..

a time to reflect on your life and where your priorities are…..

As adults….it’s tough.

We are under the scrutiny of our children.

How we observe Lent in our lives….is how important they will see Lent.

Here are a few ways to enter Lent today on Ash Wednesday:

Begin your day with receiving ashes. The ashes remind us that “we are from dust. And to dust, we shall return.” It is to remind us that we are nothing without God. Make sure you teach your children to wear their ashes proudly…whether it be at home, at the grocery store, or at school.

Splash purple around your home. Purple is a sign of penance and forgiveness. Change out candles for purple ones. Add a purple tablecloth or place mats. Purple napkins tossed over your crucifixes is a great way to enter Lent as we observe this time without the crucified Christ.


Lenten Coloring pages. I will be using a coloring page about Ash Wednesday from this book. It is full of great pages to use throughout lent. I like to photocopy a page and put it out on the breakfast table with some watercolors and a breakfast muffin. The kids love it! You can also color these yourself and laminate to hang around your home.

lent book

Make a visit to a local pretzel factory. Pretzel factories are a staple here in the Philly area so we will be hitting one up after Mass. They have also come to be a symbol of Lent. Wikapedia states, ” There are numerous accounts on the origin of pretzels, as well as the origin of the name; most agree that they have Christian backgrounds and were invented by German monks. According to The History of Science and Technology, by Bryan Bunch and Alexander Hellemans, in 610 AD “…an Italian monk invents pretzels as a reward to children who learn their prayers. He calls the strips of baked dough, folded to resemble arms crossing the chest, ‘pretiola’ (“little rewards”)”.

Practice getting and giving ashes. I told my children that I would let them practice giving their baby dolls “ashes” using my eyeshadow. This is a great way to remind them of the focus of the ashes and to remind them of the significance of the day.

ash wednesday with kids

Finish your planning. Decide what you are “giving up” or “taking on” for Lent. Make a list of things you want to accomplish and tackle your calendar to make it happen. Help your children to “count down” the days of lent with a lenten calendar. Lacey over at Catholic Icing has put together this great Lenten calendar that we use. Click on the picture for the link to Lacey’s web page to download.

kids schedules

So I encourage you this Lent….to dig deeper.

My Uncle used to have this sign up in his home:

If you were on trial for being a Christian….would there be enough evidence to convict you??!!!”

Wow…..I know, right????!!!

Stew on that one for a while….I did…..EVERY TIME I visited…

This Lent……..dig deeper than you ever  have before…..

Don’t give up something like chocolate….give up something like complaining.

Don’t give up Facebook….give up complaining on FB…..and be a positive “light” to your friends and family.

Don’t give up bread….deliver several loaves of bread a week to a soup kitchen or make bread and deliver it to older “shut ins”.

Find that one person who is the biggest “stress” in your life…..and try to make them feel special.

Do you have a clothes budget for March?….blow it!!!!….. on clothes for a homeless shelter or buy diapers for a crisis pregnancy center. (this picture was from my daughter’s birthday party. In leu of gifts, her friends bought canned goods for our local food pantry and diapers for the women’s pregnancy center)


Find out what is holding you back from being a true Christian,  and remove it from your life….. and if you are in your own way….move aside…

So that when Christ “moves” the stone ” aside” on Easter….you will truly experience Easter joy!!!

If you want to read some more of our Lenten traditions, you can read about them here. 

Dig deeper…..(I’m praying for you!)

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Happy Mardi Gras!!!!

Mardi Gras is french for Fat Tuesday!!!

Fat Tuesday celebrates the day before Ash Wednesday when Christians will celebrate one last “hurray” indulging in sweets, meats, etc. before “giving up” something for Lent.

How funny is this banner???!!!!

Well today was ALL ABOUT indulging in some meat and goodies and chatting up the meaning of Lent with the children.

We had fastnacht doughnuts for breakfast.

... yeast raised potato doughnuts, which are lovingly known as Fastnachts

Yummo!! These little “tastes of heaven” are a family tradition on Fat Tuesday. I’m not a huge fan of donuts….but I can’t resist these!!! They are made with a potato flour and are simply delicious. Our local Giant sells them and the minute we see them….warm thoughts!!!!

We had cheeseburgers for lunch. (Bring on the red meat!!!) While we talked about preparing our minds and hearts to enter the season of Lent.

We made chocolate chip cookies for an all- girl tea party. ( Another guilt-free treat for Fat Tuesday!!)

tea party!

tea party!

 For dinner, I surprised the hubs with his favorite childhood dinner:  Roasted pork tenderloin, candied lima beans (no joke….take butter beans and cook them on 350 in a combination of brown sugar and karo syrup for about two hours…..finish them for 20 minutes in a 450 oven until sticky…..sugar coma!!!), mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli. I figured….we would go out with a bang. haha.

and then dessert……

photo 3mint chocolate chip ice cream !!

So gangsta!....gotta love DDD.

So gangsta!….gotta love DDD.

The hubs and I indulged in a little vino as well. Gotta love these masks from the local Dollar tree!

photo 1

We love to make sure that we are living up the holidays with the kiddos…especially the Liturgical Seasons!

Don’t forget to get your ashes tomorrow!!!!

Happy Lent!

God Bless,



Reconciliation gift idea!

DDD is making his first reconciliation next month and we are busy preparing him to receive this great sacrament.

I wanted to share with you an idea that I did for Sweet Pea two years ago when it was her special day.

Reconciliation PresentI attached this tag on the outside of a “goodie bag” with special treats for her day.  This is what the bag included and the explanation:

Congratulations on your First Reconciliation!

Enclosed are a few “gifts” for your big day:

Eraser: God has “erased” your sins, you are ready to start anew.

Lifesavers: Reconciliation is a “lifesaver”. It allows us to reunite ourselves with God by purging the sin from our soul.

Sunglasses: allow yourself to “soak” in the Son’s rays….be in the presence of God during your penance.

Thank you cards: a reminder that you have to be thankful for this sacrament, and that you have a God that loves you.

$10 bill: 10 means “perfection/ completeness” in scripture. We hope you “cash in” on this sacrament and allow the Lord to complete his work in you.

I was looking for something “unique” to celebrate such an amazing time in her faith walk and she loved this. I will definitely be doing this for DDD. I might have to change it up a bit but the sentiment will be the same.

Hope this is useful for you!

God Bless,


Superhero party!

*** I can’t believe it has taken me over a month to produce this blog post… here goes…****

photo 3(1)SUPERHERO PARTY!!!!

Ever since I can remember my son has been obsessed with superheroes. It all started when his dad bought him these books and would spend a few minutes a night going through the “characters”. As you can imagine, it also brought out the “inner child” in my husband.

You can find it here on Amazon.

It seems every Halloween, DDD is coming up with another superhero costume and can always be found dressed up in costume. So when January came along, it seemed fitting that he have a superhero party for his 8th birthday!!!


His selected breakfast of choice: Cream Chipped Beef!!!!


I love this kid!

I have often entertained the idea of having just a few friends join DDD at a laser tag arena or to go to the movies for the day, but DDD LOVES all his friends. He has such a big heart that there isn’t a CHANCE he would want to have to pick who to invite. So…  It always comes down to selecting a fun theme and having a party at the house.

We used Evite to send an online invitation to the 16 boys he was inviting since his birthday comes up so quickly after Christmas.

These two pictures were definitely going to add to the fun…Thank you Ross….$9.99 each….and they are definitely going in DDD’s room.

photo(12)I used the Walmart and local Dollar Tree to help me gather some stuff for these cute “goodies” to go home.

                         Walmart: (pack of 4) Avenger mask; activity pack of crayons, and a pad; red ribbon

Dollar Store: 50 piece Avenger puzzle

photo 2

I also used the Walmart for these cute plates and napkins. I hit the Dollar Tree for the colorful tablecloths and utensils.

photo 3

So…I love all these awesome party decorations that are on etsy. You can literally order the stuff a day before (let’s not forget what a procrastinator I am…) and print it out. I opted to go with one that was not personalized in case I wanted to reuse the file for something else. It was also a cheaper option.

Superhero Birthday Party Package Collection Set Micro NonPersonalized Printable // Retro Superhero - B27Nz1

You can find it here on Etsy.

I used these decorations to write up about the food I was providing. To add place card tags to the table, etc. They are just a fun addition to a party.

Now….for the yumminess that was the food.

I forgot to take a picture of the hot food as I was serving it right out of the oven…. we had:

  • Mighty macaroni (a home baked favorite)
  • Wonder dogs (mini hot dogs in puff pastry)

photo 3

  • Kryptonite Kiwi

photo 2(2)

  • Thor’s hammers (pretzel sticks with cheese slices)

photo 1(1)

  • Super shields (Oreos)

photo 4

  • Toxic Venom (Sherbert w/ginger ale)


So this part of the party was ALL the hubs and he did not disappoint…

photo 1(2)

Our superheroes fighting while they await direction…

  • Toss the boulder over the banister.

(The hubs used several pieces of newspaper and crushed them together and held it was duck tape so they looked like gray rocks. The boys then had to throw them over our banister. Super cute….so fun.)

photo 2(3)

  • Sock’em josting

We brought the girls balance beam up from the basement along with their gymnastics mat. The Dollar tree provided these cute “sock em” type inflatable punching gloves. We paired the boys up and let them take turns trying to hit each other off the beam. Everyone loved it! We ended with one big battle with everyone using their sock’em.

  • Practice Webbing

We used some silly string from the dollar store to have the boys hit a moving target that my husband was holding. We lined the boys up on our front porch and yelled out each kid’s name. They have about 30 seconds to try and hit the target. The game ended with an attack on my husband…..and then me!!! haha.

photo 1

The birthday cake!!!

I’m a huge fan of fun cupcakes (which are also way easier) but DDD wanted a fun cake. He got pretty excited when he saw me going through his action figures for inspiration. This is what I ended up with….its hard to really see…but it is suppose to be green lantern spiralling up through the earth; Robin riding in on a motorcycle; and Captain America breaking through the rock and debris. I used oreos to make the “dirt” look and used two cupcakes on top of a regular cake to create “mounds”. It was a hit!!!

We ended with opening up all his presents !!!

DDD has already started planning his next party…..

It is always such a joy to see DDD with all his friends.

I am so thankful for the love and joy that friendship brings.

God Bless,