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Mommy Phrases I hope go out with 2013!

So I saw a post recently on Facebook that was about “phrases or sayings that we use that should stay behind with 2013”. Of course, this got my “mommy brain” working and I quickly started thinking about daily “sayings” that come up in my house that I would like to see “stay behind” with 2013.

So…here we go.

These are in no particular order…they ALL ANNOY me equally…hahaha.

Please pick up your wet towel, and hang it in the bathroom!

Why is there toothpaste on the floor?

Who left the van door open? You better pray the van starts this morning!

Seriously??!! Don’t talk with your mouth full of food!

I love you too but…. can you please go play?

Listen, go to the bathroom…wash your hands. It’s really simple….

Listen…mommy HAS to take a shower!

So WHO opened the gate and let the toddler in the kitchen?

How hard is it to flush the toliet??!!!

What do you mean by “my tummy hurts”??!! Like…I might throw up or..I ate too much food??

What were you thinking getting in the van without shoes?! I have errands to run….

That’s fine if you don’t like it….the rule is that you have to at least take a bite.

Please tell me there is a pacifer SOMEWHERE in this van??!!!

These totally make me laugh as I recount the numerous times this year I have used these phrases. 2014….you better be good to this momma!!!!

God bless,


Fashionista the detective

a detective's supplies

a detective’s supplies

So the “fashionista” has lost the match to her favorite brown sandal, and approached me this morning with this conversation:

Me: (washing breakfast dishes)

F: (Pencil and marble notebook in hand)   Excuse me, lady….I have a few questions for you. I’m a detective.

Me: Wow…a detective???

F: Yes….I”m trying to solve a mystery. You see…this shoe disappeared.

Me: I see…

F: So…..have you seen this shoe?

Me: No

F: (writing in her notebook)….Where was the last place you saw this shoe?

Me: On your foot…

F: MOM!!!!!

Me: oh….in your shoe cubby…(more writing)

F: I see…..ok….thanks.

* repeats same questions to her dad*** (obviously frustrated)…..

F: I think I need to bring a certain person, who has too much information to my office. (looking at Sweet Pea)

F: I’m going to bring you to my office and put some thinking music on for you. (grabbing the ipod touch) This should help you remember more….

Sweet Pea: I don’t know anything……(walking away)

F: (yelling) I’m NEVER going to crack this case…..I’m NEVER going to find my shoe…..

Me: Why don’t you just start looking for it? Check your room, under the couches…

F: Um….yeah…..I’m ok with never cracking the case….

Never a dull moment with kids around. Enjoy your Saturday!

Funny lines from the week…..

destroying her siblings room....

destroying her siblings room….

I love all the funny lines that I get to hear being home all day with the kids….I thought some of them would be fun to share….

  • “Mom, I wish Barbie was a real person. Her and I would be best friends. “- the Fashionista
  • “Mom, WHY ARE YOU GIVING ME THOSE MEAN LOOKS????”- Mini Me, (at the top of her lungs during church)
  • “Mom, sometimes I wish I was a kid when you were a kid” ….(Sweet Pea)….”Are you kidding me? Didn’t you hear the stories about rushing downstairs on Saturday mornings to grab your cartoon first? Not me. They didn’t have DVRs…..or multiple bathrooms…(DirtyDogD)
  • “MOM!!!!!! my sister cracked my brother’s neck off”……(Mini me) Me: WHAT??!!! (Sweet Pea) “She means…I cracked DJ’s knuckle….
  • “Listen….I’m the boss of you. That’s what happens when you become a big sister.” – the Fashionista
  • “Dad, mom’s on the toilet…but you can go in….we all do…”- Mini me

Wishing you a fun week !!!!!

Love, Tammi =)

From the mouths of babes…..



“I’m going to start my day beautiful…..”- Fashionista, age 5

Sometimes, we break through a situation when we least expect it. And, God willing, we are paying attention when it happens. This quote from my little girl, was said to me as she met me at my bedside earlier this week. Although I asked her what that meant, my heart already knew….she wanted change. She got it….she was beginning to understand that our actions are meant to be actionary not reactionary.

I can’t tell you the number of times that I have had a “pep talk” with the Fashionista. She is such a special little girl but has inherited the Irish quick temper. She goes from 0-10 in about three seconds. She screams in a heartbeat and the fists go up and you know trouble is coming. The hubs and I have been working diligently with her this year at teaching her how to grab control of her temper; know when she’s done her part in trying to work a problem out, and grabbing one of us before it escalates. For the most part, she has really tried but some days I think she is wearing a butt print in her mattress. (My mom would laugh, as I spent one summer doing the same…..memorized every swirl on my comforter that summer)

However, on this particular day I was so impressed with how she woke up with the thought that today would be different…..and different it was. I watched her reading lovingly with her little sister, Miss Missy. Then I peeked in during her barbie time with Mini Me and watched as they cheerfully created “situations” for their barbies to encounter and things for them to do. Several times I heard her raise her voice, but…she never freaked out. She was in control. She “checked in” with me several times this day to make sure she was “doing a good job”.

As I closed the door to her bedroom after kissing her goodnight, I felt called to “reenter”. I needed her to know that I “noticed” how truly beautiful she had made today.  Don’t we all need that? How beautiful it is when someone notices something that we have been working on or struggling with and have made strides….
So I grabbed her up and brought her to my bed. She and I laid across the bed looking at each other and I told her how amazing I thought she was. How hard I knew it was for her to do what she did today but how truly pleasing it was to the heart of Christ. I told her that I don’t expect her to be perfect, that I know not everyday can be about not getting angry at all but that I appreciate her willingness to try. We talked about how Jesus fell three times on his journey to the cross and how we will too. I thanked her for making such a beautiful choice to start her day…..

Then…in Fashionista’s style….we spent the next ten minutes practicing her back bends for her gymnastics class. She clearly has a goal of the top tier of the Olympic platform and is practicing whenever possible. =)

I am so thankful for these “teachable moments” that I am granted with my kids.

Lord, teach me to always be ready to “listen” as much as I feel inclined to “lecture”………..

I love Spring!!!!……(so please come soon….)

Beautiful May day.....

Beautiful May day…..

So for the past few weeks I feel like I’ve been saying…..”either give us a great snow for sledding, and snowman making…or bring on Spring”!

As a mom, I’m waving that white flag of surrender. I am tired of correcting my kids….tired of saying “are you kidding me?”….tired of hearing myself frustrated. I’m ready for the warmth of the sun and the cool breeze from the spring wind. You know what I’m talking about….if you don’t….you’re totally lying!!!! hahaha

It’s also the beauty of Lent. We drag our beaten, dirty, worn out bodies, hugging to the cross, through this journey of sorrow. Some days you just want to give up those sacrifices and refuse the cross but we are a joyous people waiting for the Alleluia of Easter. The reminder that death has no sting, and that he has won the victory. See….I’m already pushing to celebrate Easter and we haven’t even hit Holy week yet. =)

Back to my point, my kids are trying all kinds of crazy stunts in their quest for fun. They have survived that craziness that is winter and are now just filled with so much pint up energy that we need to break out whenever possible. Thankfully with a few beautiful days, we were able to hit the neighborhood park and “abuse” the slides and “own” the swings.


However, for those of you who enjoy the antics of children…I had to share this blog post with you. I find my children extremely entertaining and I believe many of the “crazy moments” I’ve experienced the last few weeks will be precious memories for when they get older and we are recollecting.

Things I ACTUALLY heard myself say this week:


  • “Why is that jump rope tied over those chairs? NO….you may NOT make a high wire in my dining room!!! Are you trying to go to the hospital?
  • (on the toliet) “Someone please bring me some toliet paper? Didn’t I just place 4 rolls in here this morning?” Child #3: “You did, but I used them in my circus act to juggle.” “Ok…well could I PLEASE get at least one back, thank you.”
  • “Why is Daddy yelling at the front door?…..Could someone tell me why all my chair cushions are blocking the front door? Child #2 “We made an olympic swimming pool”…..”Ok….please put the cushions back.”
  • “Did I just hear someone say ‘let’s see if I can jump over Miss Missy?’ Are you kidding me?”
  • “Get that jump rope from around her neck! I don’t care if she’s a dog… can’t put a leash on her!”
  • Who destroyed my pot and pan cabinet? What happened? Child #2: I couldn’t find a place to hide and they were almost finished counting so I just climbed in with the pots! Were you laying on top of them? Child #2: Yep…some of them…
  • Hubby: Man…what happened here? (I’m standing over the stove cooking. Practically every cabinet is open with items thrown around the floor.) “Well….having an active 16 month old is like adopting a new puppy…..they rip through everything, destroying your house……welcome home!”



I could go on…..but that’s for another post. As for now, let’s wrap it up with a nice glass of wine and put this night/week to rest. Lord knows, it’s not over….haha. I’m sure tomorrow will be another eventful day.

Crazy kiddos…..Lenten sacrifices

Mardi Gras dinner

Mardi Gras dinner

So the kids have been thinking a lot about their Lenten sacrifices. We typically divide Lent into 4 (10 day) sections. They like to pick something different for each section. It allows them to give up multiple things for a smaller period of time. The children have really been giving this a lot of thought.
Today I heard DDD and the Fashionista talking about Lent.
Fashionista: “I’m giving up chocolate”…..(insert smile)
DDD: “I think you should give up something that means a lot to you. If you really loved Jesus you would give up wearing your furry boots.
F: “You are the meanest brother ever! I could NEVER do that”. The joys of hearing your kids “discuss” stuff.


Sweet Pea: ” I think I will give up my bed for Lent.”
DDD: “me, too”
Sweet Pea: “Um…’s really hard. Remember I did it last year.”
DDD: “um….I think I will give up teasing….I tease a lot.


Me: “So what are you going to give up for Lent?”

Mini Me: “Um….being mean….”

Me: ” wow…that’s great. Who are you going to stop being mean to?”

Mini me: “Just Miss missy because her’s little…”

The Power of Commercials…..funny kid stories

ImageCommercials….I’m not a fan of having my kids watch commercials. I love to “pause” during them or “fast forward” if it’s a recorded show. However, I know they see them and sometimes I am surprised by how affected they are by them……

My conversation with Mini- Me this morning: (I was in the laundry room throwing in a load of clothes)

Mini me: “Mom, what are you doing? HEY!!!! We have Oxi Clean???!!!

Me: (clearly shocked..she’s 3! What does she know about ANY detergent…let alone the Oxi-Clean that I just bought)….”Um…yeah??!! What do you know about Oxi-Clean?

Mini: (very excited) “That it’s the greatest soap EVER!!!!!”

Me: (clearly still puzzled) “what do you use it for?”

Mini: ” Washing clothes…..”

Me: “Who told you that it was awesome?”

Mini: “Um….I don’t know…but it is!!!”

And that my friends is why we “paused” and “fast forwarded” through the commercials during the Super Bowl.  Can you imagine what she might tell me about “Go Daddy. com”????? Yikes………

Wacky Wednesday….funny kid stories

Today Mini Me, our own “Doc McStuffins”, gave me my daily check up.  Here was our conversation:

Mini me: Mom, this does not look good. There are fish in your ears…

ME: What?!! How did that happen?

Mini me: They must have just walked in….I’ve seen this before. (Grabbing a syringe)…I’m going to just suck them out…watch me…I’m awesome!

Me: what are you going to do with them?

Mini me: I’m not sure…….but please sit still so I can pump up your body with air (using the blood pressure cuff over my mouth)…

LOL….you gotta love kids….

Enjoy your kids….and your day! Two days til Friday!!!!