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Target deals……

target circular

target circular

So…I love a great deal when I see one and this week Target has a few good deals  on summer clothes and athletic apparel. For a cheaper bargain,  print yourself some of their coupons from their website.

Here are some of the coupons that I printed (many of them expire 6/22, which is great!):

  •         $3 off Women’s shorts purchase of $15 or more
  •         50¢ off 7.5-oz. or larger up & up® liquid hand soap
  •         $5 off $20 or more Liz Lange® for Target® maternity apparel
  •         20% off Select Room Essentials™ décor
  •         $5 off Women’s apparel purchase of $20 or more
  •         $5 off Select Merona® apparel purchase of $20 or more
  •         $1 off 4-oz. or larger Coppertone sunscreen
  •         $3 off With purchase of two Cortizone-10 itch relief items
  •         $2 off Two 6- or 8-oz. Banana Boat sunscreens
  •         $5 off $25 or more Men’s Mossimo Supply Co. apparel

Happy Shopping!!!


Laundry Chaos….

My Laundry…….

One of my least favorite chores is laundry. I do two loads of laundry a day and I have a specific day (Wednesday) that I bang out the majority of it. With a family of seven, there is always something to be washed. I am a stickler for the way I sort my laundry….but that’s for another discussion. (You can imagine how INSANE it was when the stomach flu went through our house……truly INSANE!!!)

Thankfully when I bought my new home, the laundry room was on the second floor. I LOVE this feature. I love that I’m not hauling laundry upstairs or downstairs to help put it away. However, my laundry room is small.

Laundry room

peeking into the laundry room

I’m going to make it one of my weekend projects to give it some charm, probably this summer. It needs paint, some new shelves, baskets, and a few additions.

I love this idea I saw on Pinterest:

laundry baskets

How awesome are these cabinets with the open baskets in the middle??!!! I could easily hide away my baskets of missing socks, laundry detergents, stain sticks, etc. Am I the only person that has a basket to “catch” all the legos and candy, my kids sneak in their pockets????!!!!

What about these….??!!! Don’t they look sooooooo classy.

 How about these bins for putting the kids clothes away??!!! I mean…check out this lady’s laundry room….it is awesome.

I wish my laundry room was this big and could have these beautiful areas. However, it’s not and I’m not moving anytime soon.=)

I am a firm believer in having practical spaces in my home. As much as I love these, they are not practical for my lifestyle. I mean, I can’t imagine my five year old carrying one of these bins into her room to empty her clothes.

And yes, I did say my 5 yr. old.

Do I like clean and neatly folded clothes?? yes!

Do I expect my kids to have their clothes folded neatly in their drawers??? No…….but I do expect their clothes to be in their drawers. I expect THEM to put their clothes away.

With that in mind, I found these great bins at Walmart…..and I LOVE THEM!!!!

clothes bins

How cool are these? They have these great little handles on them for the kids to carry them through the room and when the handles are folded down… makes them stackable. They take up a small amount of space and on laundry evening…the whole stack is gone. Each bin sitting patiently by the dresser of each child, awaiting to be emptied the next morning.

There are several reasons that this system works for me:

  1. I sort all my kids laundry into separate bins. I was using small circular baskets from the dollar store but they were pretty beat up and hard to keep neat in the laundry room.
  2. I like a clean laundry room but didn’t want to have any kind of permanent system built into that small room. This system doesn’t require any “built in” shelves or a shelving system. If I find that the system no longer works for my laundry, I will not have made an monetary investment or “renovated” my laundry room to make it happen.
  3.  I don’t keep piles of dirty clothes on the floor of my laundry room. I actually have a whole sorting system for my laundry that I keep in my hallway. I need very little room to store dirty laundry in my laundry room, however, I need more room to fold clothes and put them away.
  4. The bins cost me about $6 each. So, for under $50, I have figured out a new system that lets me fold clothes right at the dryer and sort them into their proper bin.

So…….gotta wrap this up and go fold my last load of laundry for the night.  What about your laundry situation? Do you have a system that you love and want to share? I would LOVE to hear about it!

God bless,


Marshall’s………loving it……=)

So….I shared with you how much I love scoring great deals at Ross in this post. I love being able to go to Ross and Marshall’s and outfit my family for Christmas or Easter or whatever the holiday. I’m a super thrifty person and let’s be honest…I have quite the little crew to outfit!

Last week, I drove 40 minutes to hit the closest Marshall’s to me. I have to admit….I either go and fill my cart with everything I need and some….OR…I just walk out in about 15 minutes. It’s that simple for me. I can tell right away how my shopping experience is going to be.

I’m super excited to share with you how great this experience was.

So….here’s what I scored and what it cost me:

IMG_5460I bought these adorable dress for Miss Missy for $19.99. It was adorable to watch her hold it against herself when she was showing it off to daddy. And….you can’t beat cute sandals for $5.99.

IMG_5459This was for Mini Me…she was so excited when we found her a dress with red (and I was excited that it was for $14.99)!!! And knowing the little lady that she is….she wanted some sandals as well and picked out these for $12.99.

IMG_5462I found this adorable vest for Dirty Dog D for $7.99!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean…insane! It’s exactly what I was looking for for him!!!!!

(I did find this adorable green checkered shirt at the Carter’s store for $12.99 as well) This will easily pair with a cute pair of khahi pants in his closet.

IMG_5490How cute it this piece! It was shouting to be put in my cart…..especially for $9.99!!!!

I can’t wait to fill this with some moss and some of the children’s dyed eggs at Easter!!!

Thanks for checking in!!!! Have a blessed Holy Week!!!

I love Ross!!!

The store….totally LOVE it! Ross is one of those stores for me, much like Marshalls and HomeGoods, where I just have to “run in” whenever I am out running errands. The “Holly Homemaker” in me is obsessed with cute and cheap finds. =)

love when I can buy an item or two and have a quick home project “revamped” or “changed up” a bit. I wanted to share with you some of my cute finds this evening. Keep in mind that I walked out paying $30 total.


These cute little baskets are home to our families winter hats, scarves, and gloves. I paid 9.99 for the larger one, and 7.99 for the smaller one.



I LOVE how they look in our hall closet. I am redoing this closet for a later post so I can’t reveal too much. I know….the suspense is killing you. Well…not really..haha


Ok, so I just had to get this little sign. I mean it’s perfect for my navy blue accented bathroom shelf in my half bath. Plus, I love how inspirational it is. The best part about his blue little wonder….it cost $2.99…no joke.


The next little Ross “cheap treat” is this cute little maroon “Love is patient, love is kind” sign. It was a “must have” with Valentine’s Day approaching but I think I found a permanent home on this little shelf in my breakfast area.


(Here it is close up.)

And….”drum roll, please!!!!!”…my personal favorite…the new sign for the family laundry room.

Laundry Room Sign

I know right….you know you gotta hit a Ross soon. I mean…come on.

What about you? What are your “go to” stores? Does Home Goods get ya? I would love to hear about some of your finds….leave a comment.