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Tuesday Tip: Three simple words…” I love you”….

I love you.


Three simple words but…they can be the hardest to say.

My tip for today is simple.

Say it.

Say it with your words.


Say it with your hugs.

IMG_0474IMG_1196Say it with your quality time.

IMG_0802Say it to your kids.

Say it to your mom who “hates that kind of stuff”.

daddy pileSay it to your dad who “doesn’t say that kind of stuff”.

daddy comes home

Say it to your older daughter who thinks its “not cool” or “already knows how you feel”.


Say it to your son when he rolls his eyes and says, ” Come on…”


Say it as often as possible.

Don’t wait til its too late.

People NEVER really regret telling people that they love them.

They regret NEVER saying it.