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Our Summer Scrapbook…..a pictorial “update” of 11 ways we are enjoying the summer!

We are FULLY engaged in our summer over here at “Chasing Time…. ” and we are loving every minute of it.


Unfortunately, that means less time “checking in” with my blog.

I thought a quick pictorial blog could give you an idea of what we have been up to.

Here are 11 ways we are getting the most out of our summer.


1.) Plenty of Outside Fun!!!

IMG_0552 IMG_0555

Playing in the sprinklers….

IMG_0539 IMG_0546 IMG_0536 IMG_0542

Washing the van….


Playing in the creek and at the park…..


2.) Blueberry Picking!!!!

image image image image image

3.) Hanging by the Pool!!!!

image image image


 4.) Imaginative Play!!!


Billy the kid and an outlaw……


Playing grocery store….



Filling up the shopping cart….




one really “tall” 3 yr old….haha


Playing “hospital”….


Diving lessons……


Getting a little gangsta….haha

5.) The Fashionista’s Birthday!!!

image image

Enjoying her birthday “Mega” donut….


Ready for her party……

6.) Six Flags!!!!!

image image

image image image image image image

image7.) Summer Reading


8.) Growing our Garden!!!!

IMG_0551 IMG_0549 IMG_0548 IMG_0547

9.) Getting Healthy!!!

image image image image

10.) Lake Time Fun!!!

image image image image image

11.) First Ice Cream Truck Visit!!!



We are cramming as many things as we can into this last month of August.

I pray you are enjoying this summer with your littles as well.

Join us in making memories!!!!!


Game planning for halloween!

Halloween…such a fun time to celebrate some added fun with the kiddos.

Halloween 2008 or 2009

Halloween 2008 or 2009

Halloween Parade 2014

Halloween Parade 2014

In typical “procrastinator” style, I’m getting my stuff ready tonight for tomorrow. One of these days, I will send blogs out a few days ahead of a holiday but…for now…you can just get some ideas for next year. Haha.

Doc McStuffins and Lambie 2013

Doc McStuffins and Lambie 2013

Tonight’s blog is about “game planning” for halloween…so here’s the plan:

Set up some fun additions to the house:



I set the table tonight for breakfast tomorrow. I love this cute tablecloth and plates that I picked up two years ago on clearance after Halloween. These fun “glasses” are actually salt shakers from the local dollar tree. I removed the tops and have used these often for birthday parties and holiday entertaining.



I would definitely recommend shopping for holiday décor immediately following a holiday. Marshalls, Homegoods, and Target are some of my favorite “go to” stores for their holiday clearance departments.

Breakfast: Jack-o-lantern pancakes and orange juice.

So simple but super loved by all the kiddos. Making these simple pancakes by just making circular pancakes and adding these fun googly eyes and a smile of chocolate morsels.


Construction paper and Q-tips will help us create these awesome skeletons during our school.

Last year, we read a great story about St. Felix, who was hidden from his enemies by a spider that quickly spun a web at the opening of the cave where he was hiding. With this new found knowledge, spiders have now become a big part of our decorating for Halloween. Since DDD likes spiders, he will be doing most of the decorating with these tomorrow around the porch. I simply got him started along the banister.


This booklet will be a great addition to our school work. You can click on the link to get the full booklet about the Christianity behind Halloween.

Lunch: little jack-o-lantern diced peach cups, and mummy hot dogs.


Using these ingredients pictured to make some cute mummys with the use of crescent rolls and hot dogs.

Hot dog mummies

After Miss Missy goes down for a nap, the big kids and I will be working on a Halloween density experiment using just a jar, vegetable oil, alka seltzer water, and food coloring.

We will be making these spooky lava lamps….

And for a Halloween dinner, I have learned over the last few years that it is shear madness around the dinner hour. I am going to throw a pork roast in the crockpot and heat up some broccoli and mashed potatoes that I will make earlier in the day. I can recall several years when my children were too excited for halloween and didn’t eat at all.

As we are having a neighborhood party, these ingredients will help to create these adorable witch hat cookies to bring for all the kiddos.



Our family will be SUPERHEROES for Halloween…so stay tuned for photos!!

Happy Halloween!



Superbowl Sunday!!!

SuperBowl Sunday!!!

This morning, Mini Me greeted me and said, “I’m so excited for today!” “We’re going bowling!!!”

Me: “What?”…what do you mean? (getting her dressed)

Mini Me: “We are going to super Bowl!!”….after laughing at her hysterically…and then apologizing, I cleared up that confusion. Her response?

“Wait….so we are just going to watch football and eat yummy food?…..Will there be ice cream (grinning)?”

We are not letting sickness break up our rhythm over here!!

We’re getting our game faces on!!

bria2Pre-gaming “girl’s style”:

nails4 nails2 kal2Getting out our Seahawk colors: navy blue, white, neon green


Rooting on the Seahawks!!!

It’s Superbowl Sunday…and Sundaes!!!!

We love ANY excuse to throw a fun party and the Super Bowl is an excuse to bring out the every-once-in-a-while treats. (And seeing as tomorrow starts my first Beachbody/Shakeology challenge….it couldn’t come at a better time. More on that mid-week)

On the menu:


Sausage and pepper sandwiches- an old favorite!!!

hot dogs

hot dogs for the littles!

root beer float

root beer floats!


Superbowl Sunday Sundaes!!!!

So thankful to my husband who didn’t ruin my “cool status” with my kids and went shopping for all our food! (I’m still under the weather and hoping for a full recovery soon.)

Counting down til the big game!

Let’s go Seahawks!

***(only because my husband says that’s who I want..lol)***

God Bless,


Kids in Charge day 2013!!!!

Annual Kids in Charge Day 2013…

…these kids can sure pack a TON into one day!!!

This day always gives the hubs and I a chance to see what is important to them.

It allows us to know what is important to them now and to see how their interests change as they get older.

so…it all started like this…a meeting of the “minds” a few days before…

making sure all the kids got what they wanted out of the day..

the planning meeting

the planning meeting

I got a tentative schedule and a grocery list so I could make sure they had everything they needed.

the food menu

the food menu

Sweet Pea produced this list a few days before. Dinner says Enchiladas. haha. She decided that she was making all the meals and would call me in when she felt like it. When I read German Chocolate cake under dessert, I recommended that she might want to make it the night before….

and she did… all by herself….(just like the Little Red Hen)

yeah....it was good

yeah….it was good

Two words summed up this day…..electronics and quality time.

I have no guilt showing these pictures because…I’m not raising my kids like this everyday. Today is about their choices. For good or bad.

IMG_1450Check out Missy Missy. She was definitely getting the best of all worlds. Watching Doc McStuffins; while sucking on a nap-time only nummy; while playing Dora on the Ipod. Clearly, she has her mom’s gift for multi-tasking.

more electronics

more electronics

I mean…come on…the Fashionista just HAD to work on the salon app on the kindle and Mini Me was content to watch Doc McStuffins and wait her turn.

DDD and Sweet Pea

DDD and Sweet Pea

As you can tell, everyone is proudly sporting their pajamas until the afternoon when they will exchange them for bathing suits. DDD claimed the Ipad for a few, while Sweet Pea tinkered on her kindle. Check out his face…he is sending me into the kitchen to start his sausage and pancake breakfast…..

oh, and he’ll have a piece of cake too….for breakfast.

(any chance of me cutting myself one??? nope…didn’t think so….kid’s on a power trip.) =)


So demanding…he MUST get that from his dad…=)

Speaking of his dad, this was his job until breakfast…….

IMG_1440I know, gasps from moms everywhere at this injustice.

This was his view….birds humming, gentle water rapids…..calm

and this was mine…

splattering grease and heat…..

just sayin’….somehow this just didn’t seem right….

IMG_1446Sweet Pea created a Master Schedule for the day….which included quality time playing board games; a visit to the pool; and root beer floats after dinner.

the schedule

the schedule

The kids started their schedule with some rock painting. (Poor Sweet Pea still has her eye mask on from sleeping.)

IMG_1456 IMG_1464 IMG_1465 IMG_1467 IMG_1468

Apparently on Kids in Charge day, you don’t have to clean up either.

game of life

game of life

Barbie's messy house

Barbie’s messy house

Next was DDD’s turn to use a present he had been waiting on. These really cool Geodes.

IMG_1462He and his dad took a hammer and crushed these on the driveway behind the garage.

banging out some eggs

banging out some eggs

After Miss Missy woke up from her nap, we fought the rain and headed out to the pool. Since it was labor day and raining off and on, there was hardly anyone at the pool. The sun came out really bright and it was a great day!


eating a messy popcicle


“take my picture….oooohhh……ooooooo”


Mommy always wants kisses….=)


DDD loves his sister....

DDD loves his sister….


Dad…packing it up for the day…

After a delicious dinner of enchiladas, the kids assigned daddy the job of “clean up” duty. (Thank God!!!…sweet justice!!!) While he was in the kitchen, he decided to make the root beer floats while we selected our movie….SPY KIDS!!!!

IMG_1471Of course, Shayla came in and helped dish out the candy.

IMG_1470A whole lot of snuggling with big fluffy floor pillows and blankets finished off the evening.

  The kids made it really clear that their bedtime was 11:00. As daddy was leaving for a trip in the morning, the kids could not take over our bed as they had planned. I wish I had taken a photo of them all gathered in the bunk beds in the girls’ room.

I was put to bed promptly at 9:30. Thankfully, I was given my laptop and some reading time. These kiddos are tough…

Unfortuately, I knew that my work was going to be awaiting me in the morning, as I was looked around at all the mess from the day and took that walk of shame to my room.

But…it was worth it. All of it….

It was a great day….I’m so blessed that my children enjoy special days like today with us.

Bring on Kids In Charge Day 2014.…..well…..give me another 12 months…

God Bless,


Summer bucket list: Sundaes for your sunday!!!


We are busy widdling away at our Summer Bucket List!!!!

The rain prevented us from hitting my brother in law’s house for a BBQ and dip in the hot tub so we decided to look at the list for another option. The option for a lazy Sunday is always promising and this one delivered. Tons of housework, cuddling and just hanging out.

The three big kids baked chocolate chip cookies together while the littles took “care of their babies” on the IPAD. haha.

Sundaes with all the fixings was a great way to end this Sunday. Here’s what we offered:

  • vanilla and neopolitian ice cream
  • chocolate, caramel, and hot fudge syrup
  • waffle bowls
  • chocolate chips
  • cool whip/whipped cream
  • wet walnuts
  • Reese’s magic shell
  • colored sprinkles
  • ***bonus*** I found these awesome ice cream plates for .60 in the clearance aisle at my grocery months ago.

Everyone enjoys ice cream!!!!!

So great, mom!!!

So great, mom!!!

DDD lovin it!

DDD lovin it!

"mom...dis waz mine!!"

“mom…dis waz mine!!”


Mini me and Sweet Pea obviously thrilled!!!

Everyone loves ice cream!!!!!

What is left on your summer bucket list? Have you hit it hard this summer or are you scrambling to complete it?

We are hoping to get a family bike ride and family water gun fight in this week…..I will keep you posted…..

God bless,


I love Spring!!!!……(so please come soon….)

Beautiful May day.....

Beautiful May day…..

So for the past few weeks I feel like I’ve been saying…..”either give us a great snow for sledding, and snowman making…or bring on Spring”!

As a mom, I’m waving that white flag of surrender. I am tired of correcting my kids….tired of saying “are you kidding me?”….tired of hearing myself frustrated. I’m ready for the warmth of the sun and the cool breeze from the spring wind. You know what I’m talking about….if you don’t….you’re totally lying!!!! hahaha

It’s also the beauty of Lent. We drag our beaten, dirty, worn out bodies, hugging to the cross, through this journey of sorrow. Some days you just want to give up those sacrifices and refuse the cross but we are a joyous people waiting for the Alleluia of Easter. The reminder that death has no sting, and that he has won the victory. See….I’m already pushing to celebrate Easter and we haven’t even hit Holy week yet. =)

Back to my point, my kids are trying all kinds of crazy stunts in their quest for fun. They have survived that craziness that is winter and are now just filled with so much pint up energy that we need to break out whenever possible. Thankfully with a few beautiful days, we were able to hit the neighborhood park and “abuse” the slides and “own” the swings.


However, for those of you who enjoy the antics of children…I had to share this blog post with you. I find my children extremely entertaining and I believe many of the “crazy moments” I’ve experienced the last few weeks will be precious memories for when they get older and we are recollecting.

Things I ACTUALLY heard myself say this week:


  • “Why is that jump rope tied over those chairs? NO….you may NOT make a high wire in my dining room!!! Are you trying to go to the hospital?
  • (on the toliet) “Someone please bring me some toliet paper? Didn’t I just place 4 rolls in here this morning?” Child #3: “You did, but I used them in my circus act to juggle.” “Ok…well could I PLEASE get at least one back, thank you.”
  • “Why is Daddy yelling at the front door?…..Could someone tell me why all my chair cushions are blocking the front door? Child #2 “We made an olympic swimming pool”…..”Ok….please put the cushions back.”
  • “Did I just hear someone say ‘let’s see if I can jump over Miss Missy?’ Are you kidding me?”
  • “Get that jump rope from around her neck! I don’t care if she’s a dog…..you can’t put a leash on her!”
  • Who destroyed my pot and pan cabinet? What happened? Child #2: I couldn’t find a place to hide and they were almost finished counting so I just climbed in with the pots! Were you laying on top of them? Child #2: Yep…some of them…
  • Hubby: Man…what happened here? (I’m standing over the stove cooking. Practically every cabinet is open with items thrown around the floor.) “Well….having an active 16 month old is like adopting a new puppy…..they rip through everything, destroying your house……welcome home!”


I could go on…..but that’s for another post. As for now, let’s wrap it up with a nice glass of wine and put this night/week to rest. Lord knows, it’s not over….haha. I’m sure tomorrow will be another eventful day.