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Brought to my knees by a plate of waffles….


Have you ever been close to tears due to stress or being overwhelmed and then one little thing happens…and you lose your mind?….

like a sticky waffle…….

When I walked around to my daughter’s side of my minivan, yesterday morning, and saw this, I lost it. A plate of sticky waffles slowly dripping on the floor of my van….and that was my unraveling….

Am I crazy about waffles or something?!

Nope…it was just the final “straw” in being overwhelmed and underheard as a mother……

That waffle was the pebble that, once removed, started the deluge of rocks of thoughts and worries that have plagued my mind for the past few weeks…

Why can’t my kids follow my rules? How do I do all this? Why is my husband traveling so much?  When do I clean? Why are my kids so messy? Am I meeting the needs of all my kids? Why do I have so little time for myself? Why is my family plagued by medical issues?


I literally feel like I am pulling this ricksha….most of the time…..uphill…. with five kids and a husband inside it…haha.

And most days I’m on level ground so I can carry my own…

and then some days it seems all uphill…..

As I picked up that waffle, I wiped away the tears from a rough few days. And under my breath, I said, ” lord, help me hold this together.”

I took a deep breath as I walked around the van…and all those memories and thoughts flooded my brain.


  • the constant picking up of random kid items….(Lord knows they all have a place)
  • the weekly menu planning that I continuously struggle to finish


  • The little annoying messes everywhere I look…(does no one know how to clean)
  • finding the time to scrub floors; wash windows; and do laundry
  • bills need to be scheduled and paid; registers balanced and budgets tweaked


  • The daily schooling of five kiddos…(isn’t education overrated?)
  • the endless errands: extracurriculars, food shopping, clothes shopping, etc.
  • and then there’s the holidays….Halloween is less than two weeks away.


  • the two molars pulled, this week, for Sweet Pea
  • the constant nagging of DDD to wear his retainer…
  • The ER visit on friday with the Fashionista for a seizure (um….what?!)


  • So now we are in the process of appointments and testing to figure out what’s going on with the Fashionista…..

And…this was me…..DONE!!!!


Yeah…it wasn’t pretty.

“Quit your crying, Taffeta”….haha

But...ugly cries are awesome.

It’s pretty cleansing…..

So…..I tossed out that sticky waffle and I cleaned up any remnants of it on my carpet.

And just like that….I know that I can get through this.

So if you can identify with any of those feelings, or you are at the end of your rope, I recommend a good old “ugly cry”….and then take it to the foot of the cross. 

Sometimes it just takes a “sticky waffle” to remind you that you need to get on your knees and be thankful for your “worries” and what overwhelms you.

Mostly because you have a God that is bigger than all of that.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”- Phillipians 4:13

As for today, God and I have this one covered.


Today’s Loveletter……..

***** a post I wrote yesterday but forgot to publish!********

Somedays are just not fun……

I usually joke about a “having a glass of wine at night” kinda day but to speak honestly, there are some days when I could hide a flask in my back jean pocket.

Do you think that’s terrible???!!  Me too…..

But…it’s the truth.

Somedays it’s purely the little “prayers” that I sigh under my breath that get me though the day.

“Lord, please….if she rolls her eyes ONE MORE TIME…I will lose my mind.”……..

“Could you please, dear God, infuse her with holy wisdom for Math, I can not calmly explain this problem again.”

“Mother Mary, grant me patience….right now!!”

“Lord, have mercy”….

Don’t you wish that when you woke up you would somehow be forwarned about how your day would go….

Prepare yourself……you will get run over by a dump truck……well…at least you will feel like that. You will lose your patience 25 times today but, successfully, no one will be harmed in the process. Kids will be fed and land safely in bed.

Yep….it would sound something like that…haha.

I woke up this morning unaware that I had to take my son to get fitted for his new orthodontic “wear”…kinda wish I had known that when I let myself sleep in that “extra” 30 minutes.

Toss on the old yoga pants and tshirt and time to get ready to walk out the door.

I quickly jotted down a few assignments for the other children to work on while I grabbed the two year old and my son to head off to the orthodontist.

I wasn’t prepared to be coaxing my son through getting his “molds” made….trying to prevent him from throwing up…

10:30 am was too early to be holding a bowl in front of my son as he dry heaved….sigh…..

I received no “heavenly notifications” that when Sweet Pea was standing up hanging art pictures on our “art line”, that she would fall off the chair and break three out of the four legs on the chair.

And as the men were hammering on the new construction home going up next store, I had to wonder how much sleep my kids were actually getting and what time this construction actually began each day.

By the time, Miss Missy came up from the basement, crying that she had fallen down several stairs as she displayed a bloody nose, I was fearful of what the rest of the day had in store for me.

But….God in His Infinite Wisdom knew I could use a nice “loveletter” today.

A little “hang in there I’m still walking with you daily” kinda note.

And for me…it came in the form of a beautiful ten year old asking to make dinner.


As I sat on the couch, computer in my lap, multiple lists of things to do in front of me, the thought of dinner made me cringe.

I really need to finish all this stuff……can we just order pizza?

While I was thinking “Spagetti”, Sweet Pea had bigger aspirations.

Lucky for me, Sweet Pea had “pinned” this baby on her “things to accomplish” board on Pinterest.

With all the ingredients in the pantry and fridge, it was perfect!!!!

 Parmesan Crusted Porkchops

After showing her how to make brown rice, a homemade brown gravy; and steaming some broccoli….dinner was done and delicious!!!!

So thankful for the “little break” in my routine.

What a blessing to have children who know how to bless their momma!!!

God bless,