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Reconciliation gift idea!

DDD is making his first reconciliation next month and we are busy preparing him to receive this great sacrament.

I wanted to share with you an idea that I did for Sweet Pea two years ago when it was her special day.

Reconciliation PresentI attached this tag on the outside of a “goodie bag” with special treats for her day.  This is what the bag included and the explanation:

Congratulations on your First Reconciliation!

Enclosed are a few “gifts” for your big day:

Eraser: God has “erased” your sins, you are ready to start anew.

Lifesavers: Reconciliation is a “lifesaver”. It allows us to reunite ourselves with God by purging the sin from our soul.

Sunglasses: allow yourself to “soak” in the Son’s rays….be in the presence of God during your penance.

Thank you cards: a reminder that you have to be thankful for this sacrament, and that you have a God that loves you.

$10 bill: 10 means “perfection/ completeness” in scripture. We hope you “cash in” on this sacrament and allow the Lord to complete his work in you.

I was looking for something “unique” to celebrate such an amazing time in her faith walk and she loved this. I will definitely be doing this for DDD. I might have to change it up a bit but the sentiment will be the same.

Hope this is useful for you!

God Bless,


First Penance/Reconciliation Ideas

confessionConfession. My daughter’s first confession last year around this time. A long awaited time to purge her soul of sin and prepare herself for her First Communion. She was so excited about this day and knew that the hubby and I, like all special events, would make this one memorable. This picture was taken as she just finished her first confession. She wanted to finish her prayers. She was overjoyed.

I wanted to do something special to celebrate this special day for her. The hubby had the idea of taking her out to her favorite dinner spot, Red Lobster. She’s a sucker for a good cheddar biscuit and can eat her weight in seafood. =) He said a special blessing before grace making her feel extra special.

Next came the present. If you are like me, you LOVE to give cool gifts. I really try and think of something that tells a person how well I know them or shows them that I really “thought” about their gift. I had a hard time finding a great First Penance/Confession gift. There really aren’t any. I searched Pinterest for ideas and the internet but…nothing. So I decided to just make up my own…..

Reconciliation Present

The picture above shows our gift for her First Confession. We wanted to give her a little something to tell her that we were proud of her. Something different than a figurine, or a holy water font. Something that was unique and special like her. We came up with the following gift bag of small presents. She LOVED it. It cost us about $25.00 including the $10 cash. I simply typed up the listing of items and our “reasons” for giving them to her on a plain sheet of paper and then attached that to a piece of scrapbooking paper. This “note” was then attached by a ribbon to a gift bag. Super simple, but unique and kid-friendly. Feel free to use this if you are looking for gift ideas!!