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Spring! Can you smell it????!!!

Spring??!!! Can you smell it?

This was a rough winter and I was soooo ready for Spring.

I guess it was during the “rat race” of welcoming in my daughter’s friends for her birthday party, that I noticed my front tree and some bushes were budding. So…I snapped these shots.

IMG_0334 IMG_0335

 I mean…..I really can’t explain how flowers and flowering plants make me feel. Just looking at them, I’m running through a field of wildflowers in my mind. haha. For me, Spring comes with little presents…the results of  the hard work of pruning and prepping in the fall. With each little bush that blooms, I feel like it’s a little loveletter from God. A reminder of new life…and the joy and the warmth  of the sun.

I guess my Spring countdown starts with the scent of fresh Lilies at Easter.

I can’t get enough…..I mean….every year I add another Lily to the house. This year we had three and the smell was heavenly. Add to that fresh roses and wild flowers…..and….Oh man…….Easter is NOT Easter without a houseful of fresh flowers!!!!!


So when my neighbor called me, this past week,  about purchasing a shared portion of mulch for our front beds, I gotta tell you…I got pretty excited. The idea of having some time in my garden sounded heavenly.

Flowerbeds 2014

Flowerbeds 2014

There is something so therapeutic about weeding a garden. Combing so delicately around the bush beds and delicate flowers. Removing the dead leaves and flower heads from around the base before tucking them in with new mulch for the season. As I kneeled before my hostas, I heard the words of St. Augustine… “My heart will not rest until it rests in you, Lord.” How often we take for granted the simple beauty in an azalea. How many times do we take time to relish in the beauty of the rose bushes? I’m so thankful for the joy and new life that Spring brings….both to my heart and to my home.

This year our front landscaping will require a good bit of work. We lost four of our green bushes due to the harsh winter and will need to replace them. I am also going to try some new perennials this year. I will put in a few early saturday mornings and a few late afternoons as I spruce up the landscaping. Although, I know it will be tough, I also know that the beauty that the landscape will bring for subsequent years will be worth it.  Every opportunity to dig up the earth and plant something will remind me how our heavenly father plants seeds within our hearts. He plants seeds for us to nurture and help grow. We are his beautiful landscape.


With the start of Spring, it’s also time to plant some veggies in our garden! These June-bearing strawberries are already in full swing. I have visions of strawberry shortcakes and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert this Spring!!

Similar to last year, we are hoping to have a successful harvest of bell peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, green beans, and scallions. We will be planting in the next week or two…..


Stay tuned for updates on our little garden! I’m hoping that our basil produces like this this year!

Spring is here! Let’s hear about your favorite spring-time activity!

Are you a gardener, like myself?! I’d love to hear about it.

God Bless,


7 quick takes on a quick few weeks……


I really wish I was a great blogger. I just…..don’t always have time. I’m like that great girlfriend that you have that you could talk for days with…but you just NEVER get the time.

(In all honesty…I have been writing this blog since Thursday night…and its Saturday morning…geez)

I wish you could see my “list” of blogging topics. I just have to stop “making memories” to be able to blog about them….

and let’s be honest…that’s NOT going to happen so….

I appreciate your patience!!!

These past few weeks/months have flown by….so here’s a quick look at a couple of the things that are going on here at Camp Crazy:

  1. My family is obsessed with the movie Frozen.

IMG_5175In this picture, Mini Me was playing the scene where “Anna” was cold and walking through the snow to find her sister. I mean…she knows the movie so well…just come by and she will descibe every scene. Often times…she plays both characters dialoguing. haha.

IMG_5188 Are they “raising the roof”? Um…No….they are creating the ice castle like Elsa…..of course. Complete with a cape that they can throw off.

I have broken up countless arguments because “You can’t sing Anna’s part, I’m Anna” or “she’s Anna not Elsa this time”. I can’t begin to express how “taken” my kids are with this movie. Even Miss Missy was found belting “Let it Go” through the aisles at IKEA.

2.) Another rockin’ Mother’s Day for this momma……I usually dedicate a whole blog to this but this year…I’m going to keep it simple. I was thoroughly spoiled.

First I got to sleep in. Did you see that? I got to sleeeeeeep in. It makes me giddy like I’m an 8 yr old going to a sleepover. Secondly, I got a long, uninterrupted shower. Repeat……uninterrupted.

My husband has really learned me. I tell you…it’s a beautiful thing. The hubs booked me a Mother’s Day brunch that started at 3pm. 3 pm!!!! That means…sleeping in. No rush to dress littles early in the morning. No starving kiddies. Let’s get into the brunch later…….this was breakfast:

IMG_5313Gotta love when your kids and husband NAIL your ideal breakfast….complete with my Shakeology shake. Love this crew!

IMG_5321I mean….my cup runneth over. Look at this crew, my heart really is so full. Everyone was excited to dress their best and head out for a fun brunch. The three oldest were getting their first “buffet” experience where they got to take care of themselves. So….after 4 years of doing buffets with babies, and toddlers….this was my best experience ….a super fancy buffet but in a loud kid-friendly environment. No shushing kids. Just eating…and laughing.

IMG_5330Check out this goofball stud. I love this kid. He really makes everything fun!

IMG_5329Sweet Pea was in her glory. What a foodie! “Mom..did you try the lobster mac and cheese??!!! It’s UNREAL!!!”

IMG_5325A plate full of desserts….sure I will smile, mom!

IMG_5335Gotta get some daddy love…as often as possible. Love these two.

 3.) We raised butterflies!!! DDD has been taking a biology class through our local co-op. His teacher suggested that we purchase a butterfly kit from InsectLore so we could see the butterfly process at home. It was a fantastic experience for the whole family.

IMG_4978Here are our little guys. The kit arrived with five little caterpillers. Within days of arriving, the caterpillars crawled to the top of their little cup and got in their “J” formation to form these chrysalis. We then removed the paper from the top of the cup to the large butterfly cage the kit provided.

IMG_5182In this picture, three had already come out of their chrysalis and were flying around. These two little guys were spending a little more time being perfected.

IMG_5275Releasing our little friends!!!

IMG_5273I would totally recommend this!!

4.) We went rock climbing!!!

IMG_5265Look at these gorgeous little faces already to conquer rock walls! The hubs and I have really been inspired to offer our children another gift….fitness! Our children learn the best by example so….

IMG_5264Yep! Momma showed all the “little cubs” just how to scale the wall like a champion.

I have to admit I was a bit nervous about this. I had just recently started to work out and wasn’t sure if I would have the stamina to do something like this but I wanted to show the children what it means to challenge ourselves.

It was so cute hearing their little voices, “Go, mom! You got this! You are doing great!”

And they were soooo right. I dominated that wall……and it dominated me the next day.

IMG_5233  Mini Me taking to the hallway rock climbing.IMG_5249

The fashionista was fearless. We never saw her on the ground. She loved this!!

IMG_5267I almost went into panic mode when I noticed the guy putting a harness on Miss Missy but….she did great! “I NOT little”, she said. I know big girl…..sigh…..

5.) Time to prep our gardens!!!!

IMG_5200Seriously….one of my favorite hobbies. I recently fell in love with gardening a few years ago. Since building my first vegetable garden a few years ago, we have branched out to three box gardens. We plant tomatoes, peppers, squash, zucchini, green onions, and cucumbers. It’s such a blessing to eat the food that you grow. The children also love to take turns picking stuff for dinner.

Last year we planted strawberries.

IMG_5203This is the first year that our strawberries have produced !!

IMG_5211 This little cutie keeps my strawberries hydrated. haha

We are hoping to get the rest of our vegetable plants in their boxes this weekend as well as tackle some outdoor projects.

Hope the weather holds up for it.

6.) Bring on the Spring weather….and find me a park!!! Huge fan of watching the kiddos literally exhaust themselves at the park on a spring afternoon. I st ill enjoy a good push on a swing or going down the slide with my toddler. I love hearing “mom….watch me!” “mom….look how high I am!” Then carrying the little kids into the house to finish their nap that began in the van on the way home. IMG_5362 IMG_5363 IMG_5364 IMG_5369Gotta love some “selfie” fun!

7.) Baseball is in full effect!!!

Unless its pouring raining, this kid never wants to miss a game. He might need to be reminded that he needs his bat….a mitt….his hat…..his cleats…..but otherwise….he’s out the door!

For his sisters, they love to scream his name as he’s up to bat. His little sister can be found banging along the bleachers and picking flowers.

IMG_5477DDD was so excited when he was presented with the game ball after his game last weekend! He had a tremendous hit and solidified the last out with a nice throw to first base playing outfield.

So…that was 7 quick takes on our life up to now……

Thanks for stopping by to check out how our little family is doing.

God Bless,


Stay tuned for more blogs……

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